Managing Mood Group

Managing Mood Group  is a group for people aged 16-19 who would like to learn more about emotions and strategies to help manage them.

We are running the group over ZOOM on Tuesday afternoons, starting 16th November, for 5 weeks. If you’d like to know more, call or text us 027 462 4580. We’ll look at beginning a new group in the New Year so watch this space.

At the group you’ll:

  • Increase awareness of your emotions
  • Learn and practice skills for how to manage strong emotions more effectively
  • Learn strategies for managing tricky situations

Feedback from young people includes that they learnt:

  • “A lot. That moods are ok and normal”
  • “Skills to help me when I’m angry”
  • “How to stop and think before acting”

The group is a 5 week program

If you would like to attend please book with your counsellor or the duty counsellor

Please do not use alcohol or other drugs
on the day of the group

All participants receive a certificate of attendance