Whānau Group

The Whanau group will run on a drop-in basis over the Christmas period as attendance is usually quite low. We’ll look to reboot things in the last week of January 2023.

This group is for people who are concerned about a young person’s alcohol or other drug use and would like information, advice or support.

It provides an opportunity for parents/caregivers/whānau to talk about the impact of their teenager’s substance use on their family, home-life & selves. You can talk about the approaches you have tried and ‘on top’ concerns in a safe & supportive place. It provides space to ask questions, gain knowledge on alcohol & drugs and youth development and explore parenting approaches.

Advice and guidance comes from both Altered High counsellors and from the other group participants. The group has a focus on how family look after themselves and self-care skills. More information about the content of the group is provided at the bottom of this post.

Details are:

– Runs on Thursday evenings – 6pm to 8pm

– We ask that people please call our Dutyline on 027 462 4580 to talk with one of our staff prior to attending the group

– The group is currently run on Zoom videoconferencing

The Whānau group provides:

  • Space for parents/caregivers to talk about their concerns related to their young person’s substance use and how this is impacting on their family & them personally
  • Information on AOD, and youth AOD dynamics/issues: an opportunity to ask questions and explore answers
  • Discussion about teenage developmental stages & behaviours, and how the addition of AOD use/behaviours adds to parenting dynamics
  • Information about setting boundaries and consequences – core parenting skills
  • An opportunity to identify existing strategies + solutions that have been tried and/or working well (strength-based approach)
  • Exploration of potential new strategies to implement and take away
  • Strategies for talking to young people about their AOD use
  • A focus on self-care: identifying existing strategies & new ones to try. Support & assistance with stress management
  • Information on Altered High Youth Service referral pathway and model of treatment, for those who have young people engaged with/starting to engage with/or potentially will be referred to service.
  • A take home parent resource package

Altered High parenting information sheets

1. Youth development

2. Communication

3. Boundaries

4. Positive family relationships

Have you attended the group? If so please provide feedback about your experience here – AH CPC feedback