Altered High Newsletter March 2013

Click this link for the latest Altered High Newsletter for your reading enjoyment. Copied below are some highlights from it.

Herbal smoking blends (AKA Legal highs, Kronic, K2…)

What are they? Essentially they consist of inert plant/vegetable matter impregnated with synthetic chemicals which act similarly to cannabis. These products are generally smoked, either on their own, added to tobacco and can also be burnt on tin foil, spotted with knives etc.

Safe? There can be large differences between batches in the concentration of active ingredients. This means that the amount needed to give the desired effect from one batch, may cause unwanted and possibly harmful effects from a different batch. Some young people report that these products are a lot stronger than cannabis and have caused them to hallucinate, feel anxious, speedy and feel depressed and moody.

There is no published safety data so people are experimenting with an untested and potentially dangerous product.

Drinking and driving and the law change…

Changes to the legislation regarding the number of drinks a person can have before driving are on their way.  From mid 2014 a person will be able to drink two to three standard drinks less before driving after Cabinet has agreed to lower the legal blood alcohol limit from 80mg to 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood for motorists aged over 20.

“Alcohol impairment is a major cause of road accidents in New Zealand, with an average of 61 fatalities, 244 serious injuries, and 761 minor injuries every year caused by drivers who have been drinking” Transport Minister.

What does this mean for young people? Nothing! There has been no change for under 20 year olds – regardless of their license stature.   The legal drink drive limit for drivers under 20 years of age is a blood alcohol concentration of ZERO.