Don’t let the ups and lockdowns of Covid-19 prevent you from accessing CADS Altered High

We’ve learned to do things a bit differently and can now use videoconferencing technology to keep in contact if face to face options don’t suit.

Individual counseling and groups

Rather than keep changing the way we work, we’re now set up to see you, whatever the current COVID level is. If we’re in lockdown we can see you for appointments over the telephone or video conferencing. We use Zoom teleconferencing now, which we’ve found to be safe and secure. Some young people have even preferred to use Zoom (rather than in person) which is fine by us too.

We’re getting our group programme up and running and are doing groups by Zoom. It’s been going great, especially for those who struggle with transport.

Keeping in touch

Our telephone service continues to run from 08:30 – 16:30 to answer questions, give support and take referrals.

Professional Consultation

Tell us what you think of Video Conferencing (Zoom)

via our duty phone 09 845 1893 or email

If you’ve been a client during Covid-19, we’d love to hear what you think – click this link to complete a short survey.