Altered High Primary Care project

Altered High Primary Care project

Altered High has a new project – the idea is to help GPs, school nurses and other “first-point-of-contact” health professionals know what to do when they have a young person who is using alcohol or other drugs in front of them. This might be just asking some questions about it, maybe doing a bit of counselling with the young person, and thinking about where to refer if it’s needed.

Ways we think we can do this are to talk with health workers, make sure we’re very available, provide training if it’s needed, and make it as easy as possible to know when and how to refer.

We are also keen to support young people to have more contact with their school nurse, GP or other health worker when they need it – or to help them hook up with a health worker if they don’t have one.

It’s all very new, and we’re quite excited about it – we’ll keep you posted about how it’s going.