‘Get with it’ group

‘Get With It’ Group

CADS Altered High’s ‘Get With It’ group is a four week, one hour per week, drug and alcohol brief intervention group. We use a youth friendly approach to explore facts and effects of alcohol and other drugs, as well as motivational work, promoting safer choices and goal setting. This group is mobile and can be run in a location accessible for young people such as alternative educations, schools and community centres. If the group is run by a service provider who is registered with NZQA, then the group qualifies to award NZQA level one unit standard 548 (Demonstrate knowledge of management of alcohol and other drugs – 2 credits). The students also complete a brief one to one assessment with an Altered High clinician and follow up support is offered also.

Please make contact via 845 1893 or via contact form on the Refer to Altered High Page for further information or to book in for the ‘Get With It’ group.